Many parents today are taking advantage of hiring tutoring services for their children because of the advantages it has in improving grades as well as giving their child greater academic confidence.
Here are attributes that I believe, as a Certified Teacher, are very important when considering hiring a tutor:

1. Caring, Friendly and Welcoming

A fantastic tutor should project a demeanor with his or her student in a manner that is caring, and friendly. At times, kids seem to be able to see through adults better than we do. Children can determine if an adult is there for them or there for an alternative purpose.
Fantastic tutors should also come across in a friendly warm manner. This is essential so that the young student can feel relaxed and at ease in his or her new learning conditions.

2. Understanding and Experience in Subject Area

This may seem obvious, however, it’s crucial that the tutor is experienced and has knowledge in the subject area. Children look up to tutors who are particularly brilliant or knowledgeable in a particular area.
If the tutor doesn’t come across as certain or well educated, the student may lose interest and not much will be achieved. With this said, however, it’s not crucial that the tutor be like a rocket scientist in the subject matter, but qualified enough to teach it and maintain a demeanor of confidence. For example, I once had a computer teacher who was an expert and very masterful in his subject, yet he couldn’t teach if his life depended on it.
Both experience and mastery are very essential for teaching; however, experience may be the more important of the two especially with young students.

3. Getting Ready

If a tutor isn’t prepared for the lesson, how can you expect the student to be prepared for learning? A tutor should be ready for both the lesson and the student who is being tutored.
Getting Ready includes: realizing what the student needs to learn, having the teaching materials ready, and also pre-planning that may include a chat with the classroom teacher.

4. Enthusiasm

Young students are capable of picking up on vibrations that the tutor is communicating. If the tutor is enjoying himself as he is tutoring, the student will perceive this and enjoy what’s being taught as well. In addition, enthusiasm can be transferable and a tutor can disperse a learning desire to his students.

5. Tolerance

I wasn’t going to include this attribute because it goes without saying. A lack of patience on the tutor’s part can be interpreted by the student as the student’s own inability to learn the subject or lesson. The young student has to feel comfortable in his or her learning environment, and that can only be attained with a relaxed and tolerant teaching style.