In order to become a teacher in any state, you need to work through the state’s board of education requirements. In short, the goal is to ensure you have the skill necessary to teach and the knowledge you need in the area you plan to teach in.
It is the combined topics that will allow you to excel when it comes to teaching here. In the state of Texas, there are three specific “first steps” to complete before moving on. If you plan to get your Texas teacher certification, be sure to consider all three of these steps.

#1: Have a bachelor’s degree

Beyond anything else, you must have a strong education foundation. This bachelor’s degree must come from an accredited college or university. You will need to choose an academic major. While some states and schools do, Texas schools do not offer a specific degree in education. The focus is on ensuring you have the right foundational skill instead. You need to then take teacher training courses.

#2: Complete the teacher training requirement

Once you have your bachelor’s degree from a state approved school, the next step in the process is to work through teacher training. This must come from an approved program through the state. Many of the state’s schools, regional service centers, colleges and even some school districts will offer you this type of training program. It can be easy for you to obtain this type of education once you have completed the bachelor’s degree in the state.

#3: The next step is to complete the teacher certification tests that the state requires.

These tests are meant to ensure that you have the education you need and the skills to teach. You will need to complete the tests for the subject area you plan to teach in. These can differ for each specialized area of study. The testing is meant to provide you with both testing in specific course areas as well as education in the field of teaching.

Before you make the decision to obtain your Texas teacher certification, it is best to understand these requirements. If you do have a bachelor’s degree in another subject, the state does offer other programs to help you to get from your work experience into a classroom to each.

These alternative routes of education range widely and offer outstanding opportunities for people who may not have gone through the formal teacher training in their bachelor’s degree. In some cases, the state prefers those who have more life experience and who are confident in their desire to teach.